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Entering Villa Zari the artisan heritage is breathed with the scent of wood , the undisputed ruler of the house, which among ceilings, floors and furnishings here is appreciated in all its variety of uses and imagination of workmanship.


The wonderful staircase self-supporting walnut will leave your breath away. It develops sinuous for the three levels of the house and connects  the vestibule, where there is the desk from which Fermo Zari had operated the business of the Company, to the dining room, which is dominated by the large table, surmounted by an imposing electric iron chandelier.


In the large living room the family spent their evenings accompanied by the crackling of the fire in the fireplace. Otherwise, they could move to the music room , where they listened to pieces of classical music played on the piano or the harmonium, an instrument with a refined taste.




The Fratelli Zari company was founded in Bovisio Masciago in 1867 by the engineer Fermo Zari.

Dedicated to woodworking, the company grew rapidly reaching a very large area.


During the First World War, the company reconverted its production and established a fruitful collaboration with the industrialist and pioneer of flight Gianni Caproni. The name Zari is therefore associated with the first bombing aircraft produced in Italy, including the CA.33.


Furniture, pianos, small furnishing objects: these were the products of the Zari firm.


But the real spearhead of the production were the wooden floors: a Zari patent was the wooden roll-up carpet, whose great advantages were adaptability to different environments and the freedom left to decorative choices.


The roll-up carpet is still installed and visible today in Villa Zari.



Villa Zari is located in the heart of Bovisio Masciago (MB) and yet for a long time remained mysterious for the inhabitants of the town: surrounded by walls and immersed in a vast garden, it conceals itself from the gaze of those who stroll down the street.

The first news about the Villa dates back to 1722 , the date on which it is reported in the Teresian Cadastre . Owned by various prominent personalities of the area, from Cristoforo Lurani to Renato Borromeo , in 1868 it passed into the hands of the Zari family.

In 1867, the engineer Fermo Zari had founded a woodworking company in Bovisio Masciago that expanded in a short time: hence the need for the family to settle in the village.

Since then, the Villa has remained the property of the Zari family, who have lived there from generation to generation.

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