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Villa Zari and its garden form an indissoluble binomial: originally extended beyond the Seveso river, it is formed by a succession of spaces of various types. Small hills, densely planted areas and large lawns alternate thus giving back a perfect example of an English garden .

The impression is that of a park where nature follows its undisturbed course; the hand of man, in reality, is there but cannot be seen.


Among the trees present you can admire specimens of Magnolia grandiflora, red beech, cedar deodara,

Gynkgo biloba, Yew, Oak, Maple, Cedar of Lebanon and Sycamore.



Walking in the park of Villa Zari also means bumping into architectures, such as the aviary, only apparently in ruins, because they testify to the taste for typical ruin of the 1800s.

The neo-Gothic style aviary fits perfectly into the English garden and the related romantic taste.

The kaffeehaus - "cafeaus" is the pronunciation that has been handed down also altering the spelling - stands in the extreme southwest of the park.

The building responds to the typically eighteenth-century fashion of European courts of having coffee and hot chocolate in specially designed structures, such as the one located in the Boboli Gardens in Florence.

The tower, an observation point, is organized on three levels and animated by a game of openings that create secret passages both towards the park and towards the opposite Church.

An observation point for the family, over the centuries it has become the symbol of Bovisio Masciago.




Houses like Villa Zari, created to accommodate a large family and the servants, had to be perfectly self-sufficient.

At the edge of the park you can find those structures functional to the life of a small community: Villa Zari is an integral and vibrant testimony of a distant era, in which the fruits were collected in the lemon house and the water was conveyed into the icebox , valuable place for its rarity in Lombardy.

The large, perfectly equipped kitchen, the laundry room with imposing vintage washbasins and a small stable complete the rooms of a one-of-a-kind dwelling, where history can be breathed in deeply.

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