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On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September the annual appointment with Ville Aperte is back, promoted by the Province of Monza and Brianza and realized in collaboration with the Cultural Association Il Baule Verde.

  • Guided tour duration: 60 minutes

  • Ticket: 5 euros

  • Free ticket for children under 10

  • Reservation required

  • Maximum 4 bookable seats per person

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Informazioni pratiche

  • Durata visita guidata: 60 minuti

  • Biglietto: 5 euro 

  • Prenotazione obbligatoria

  • Massimo 4 posti prenotabili per persona

Le prenotazioni sono aperte sul sito di Ville Aperte


  • Domenica 25 settembre, ore 17

  • Durata evento: 60 minuti

  • Evento gratuito

  • Prenotazione obbligatoria

Walking in the park of Villa Zari also means bumping into architectures, such as the aviary, only apparently in ruins, because they testify to the taste for typical ruin of the 1800s.

The neo-Gothic style aviary fits perfectly into the English garden and the related romantic taste.

The kaffeehaus - "cafeaus" is the pronunciation that has been handed down also altering the spelling - stands in the extreme southwest of the park.

The building responds to the typically eighteenth-century fashion of European courts of having coffee and hot chocolate in specially designed structures, such as the one located in the Boboli Gardens in Florence.

The tower, an observation point, is organized on three levels and animated by a game of openings that create secret passages both towards the park and towards the opposite Church.

An observation point for the family, over the centuries it has become the symbol of Bovisio Masciago.

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